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Oud Wood

Oud noir

Oud noir

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Oud Noir

Oud Noir is a Woody unisex fragrance, launched in 2020, crafted to captivate with its rich and sophisticated blend. Inspired by the iconic "Oud Wood" by Tom Ford, this fragrance promises an unforgettable olfactory experience.

Unveil the captivating blend:

  • 🌹 Top notes: Rosewood, Cardamom, and Pepper - a spicy and aromatic introduction that intrigues the senses.
  • 🌲 Middle notes: Oud and Sandalwood - a woody and earthy heart that adds depth and complexity.
  • 🍦 Base notes: Vanilla and Amber - a warm and comforting finish that lingers beautifully.

Why choose Oud Noir?:

  • 🖤 Inspired by Oud Wood: Captures the essence of Tom Ford's renowned fragrance, known for its opulence and refinement.
  • 🌟 Sophisticated and Timeless: Perfect for those who appreciate a blend of rich woods and luxurious spices.
  • 💼 Unisex Appeal: Designed to be enjoyed by everyone seeking a scent that exudes confidence and elegance.

Indulge in Oud Noir, where the spicy allure of rosewood, cardamom, and pepper merges with the exotic richness of oud and sandalwood, leading to a warm embrace of vanilla and amber. Embrace its sophistication and let your fragrance speak for itself. 🌹🌲

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